Newslet V2

A fast, lightweight app for your favourite news

  • Google Forms — user survey and feedback gathering
  • Paper & pencil — brainstorming and early design sketches
  • Sketch — wireframing to high-fidelity mockups
  • Principle — creating microinteractions
  • Marvel — Prototyping



  1. Content-first was not a priority
    Many news readers out there are too disorganized and spammed with advertisements, making content extremely hard to read.
  2. Not everyone is interested in EVERY news topic
    Focus is lost when an assortment of news is simply thrown in. Most people are only interested in select topics. These have to be ‘prioritized’.
Feedback from Play Store reviews and user interviews



User Survey

User research — Survey results summary

Competition Analysis

  1. What’s already on the market?
  2. What are successful news apps doing?
Times of India (TOI) Android app — Feedback from survey users
inShorts Android app — Feedback from survey users



Newslet V1 — Breakdown

User Flow

Newslet User Flow — Before & After



Initial paper sketches (See left to right)


Newslet V2 Wireframes — low fildelity

Newslet V2 — Final Designs

Complexion Reduction was employed to ensure image prominence and clear typography.

Product Tour

When Lite Mode is enabled for the first time, users are notified and given a choice.

Onboarding — Setup

Home screen

Home screen redesign

Filter Function

Filter screen — By default, the selected news topics are based on user preference.

Lite Mode

Lite Mode on phone and tablet

Tablet Support


In contrast to traditional banner ads, Native Ads are similar to the app’s content in terms of relevance and appearance.

Native ad placement options


Play with Prototype

Other Screen Designs

Splash screen, Bookmarks (Empty State) & Settings
Search Results & Search Screen (Tablet)
Dark UI Theme — Home, Detail & Master-Detail Screen



Designer, developer & self-taught artist | Design Systems @Amazon |

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